About Us

Sharen and C.T. (aka Lloyd) met at Grace University in Omaha, where they studied vocal duet with recording artist Ray Lutke. Their first opportunities were banquets and weddings in the Midwest and the Rocky Mountain west. They joined President Adrian House at Western Bible College in Denver, who had mentored them in two internships. Recruiting students and raising funds for the college and its radio station, they traveled the youth camp circuit interspersed with concert tours, .


A decade of music evangelism was followed by     fifteen years of pastoral ministry which included K-12 Christian schools, a radio station, and a printing ministry. Prison revivals, chaplaincy, tent meetings, conferences, and consulting led to opportunities for mentoring and advising others in ministry. Sharen’s Ladies Extravaganzas led to Hourglass Life Coaching, a counseling ministry  (www.hourglasslifecoach.com), specializing in women’s issues and addiction.

Blessed with a wonderful family

Our daughter, Dayna, former keyboardist and alto for Hourglass Singers, is busy with music and women’s ministry at CornerStone Baptist Church (www.cornerstone-baptist.ca) of Woodstock, ON, where her husband, Dr. Peter Guenther, is pastor. She also home-schools Kyla and Jaxson, and teaches piano to Kyla. Peter is the Owner-Contractor at Guenther Custom Homes of Canada (www.guentherhomes.ca). Kyla’s and Jaxson’s pets, Chloe the pooch, and Chicken Alfredo, need press coverage, too. (Sorry, Chloe, archives has no photo of you.)

Version 2    

Associate Pastor Ryan Carter leads worship and youth at Oakland Baptist Church in King George, Virginia (http://www.oaklandbc.com).  His wife is our daughter, Version 2Kendra, who also home-schools Abigail, Hayley and Sophia. Kendra sang soprano in Hourglass Singers, plays piano and violin, and has taught Music Together in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Abi plays violin, and Hayley plays cello, is in the handbell choir, solos and sings in choir. Whittaker, the cat (not pictured) grudgingly makes room for Romeo, the Labradoodle.



Our son, Casey and Erin, his wife, live in Dallas, Texas where he is a Manager for Apple. Erin is Mommy to Benjamin Ryder and Lyla Willow, and markets LipSense. Wyatt, the German shorthair got left out, too.


Please pray for our family to know and do God’s Will in their busy lives. Pray that each precious life will find personal peace with God through fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ.