Support Our Ministry

Thank you for your support, and especially your prayers. This ministry has been handicapped since August of 2016, when Sharen was diagnosed with cancer. Special gifts totaling $7903.26 (in 2017) have helped us deal with the cost of treatments, supplements, and the austere diet, which have soared into thousands more than that. One visit to an out-of-state Emergency Room brought charges well over $6000, although we hope that will be reduced when proper paperwork is reviewed, since our insurance was not properly noted during the admission process.

For about a year, beginning in 2016, C.T. had a severe case of shingles, then during the summer of 2017, he broke his T-9 vertebra. These are bumps in the road, challenges to our resolve. We have used “downtime” for writing and continue to provide counsel and guidance to many who call.

A quick review of 2017 demonstrates how vital our support team is: We were supported by 16 churches, averaging just over $63 per month each. We received $10,252.25 in offerings from 19 church meetings ($539.59 average) and $496 in contributions from clients seeking counseling. We ask only for a love offering in order to be available to any church desiring our ministry, but some churches also cover our travel expense. Beyond that, individual gifts not related to meetings sustained us. Sales of books and CDs netted a whopping $1203.00 for the year. Visit our online store ( to plan gifts for graduations, birthdays, Christmas, or other events.

Pastor Mark Bohman, Jr. & Family, London, Ontario