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The author’s trademark story-telling sets the stage and illustrates concepts and principles. Seven chapters dedicated to the late Evangelist Vernon D. Duerksen: 1. Where are the Change Agents? 2. Change Agents’ Zeal & Passion 3. Evangelists: Just Church Planters? 4. The Evangelist’s Unique Role 5.The Evangelist’s Campaign 6. Pray for Evangelists 7. Appendix & Chart of New Testament Gifts. Contextual approach to understanding the gifts listed in Ephesians 4, Romans 12, and I Corinthians 12. Fully documented and indexed. An evangelistic bonus gift booklet, More than Chicken Scratch by Nathan Ching will be included while they last. Change Agents is currently available only in trade paperback, 120 pages. $12.99. Introductory pre-publication offer until October 31, 2019: $10 each + shipping, or $9 each for orders of two or more. (please contact us for the discount pricing and shipping).

Version 2A Name Forgotten

People go to great lengths to leave a legacy. But, enduring applause belongs to those who forfeit fame and fortune for a great cause. Should you make a vow? A a fourteen-count felon vowed to tell the truth in court. Instead of a 25-75 year sentence, he received 90 days. A songwriter sacrificed his dreams and reluctantly made his vow. The book confronts traditional views of a misunderstood Bible character. Some will discover forgiveness for this obscure hero. Your impressions of Jephthah and his long forgotten daughter will never be the same. Paperback, 128 pages. $12.95 + shipping 

StillAKid2ndEd.CvrStill a Kid (Bible Study Edition)

You’re young only once, but you can remain immature for a lifetime! Lost counsel from an obscure personality who is mentioned by name only once in the Bible, where twenty-one words tell his tragedy. This teenager’s failure yields a practical guide for facing critical choices. INCLUDES 13-week study guide, endnotes and bibliography. Paperback, 148 pages. $11.99 + shipping

Still a KidStill a Kid! cover image

Immaturity can devour your whole life and steal your very best opportunities. Meet Jether, firstborn son of Gideon, a Bible character more obscure than Jabez. Your heart will break for the lad who bypassed fame and fortune by missing the exit ramp from indecision and procrastination. A guide for decision making; study guide NOT included. Paperback, 112 pages. $10.99

On a Snowy Christmas Night (Music CD) Christmas CD-1

Ten duets, solos and medleys with full orchestration recorded at Benson Sound, Oklahoma City, remixed and mastered by Chris Harwood, Deer Creek Audio Illusions, Gilbertsville, Kentucky. Songs listed below. Photography by Ken Andrus, Oakwood Studio, Murray, Kentucky. $15.00 

  • Mary ‘s Boy Child
  • Go Tell it on the Mountain
  • Joy to the World
  • We Three Kings
  • No Room / Have You Any Room?
  • On a Snowy Christmas Night
  • It came Upon a Midnight Clear
  • Silver Bells
  • Oh Come, All Ye Faithful
  • Redeeming Love / O Love of God


Hourglass Scrapbook (Music CD)

Fifteen selected best-of recordings compiled from four earlier projects.  This CD includes mixed trio, female trio, duets, solos, and quartet. Casey, Kendra, Dayna, Sharen, and C.T. sing in a variety of combinations featuring the blend of family harmony. Hear a demo and see the list of songs below. $15.00

  • I Sing Because
  • Feelin’ Fine
  • Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter
  • Mercy
  • The Captain of Sunshine
  • The Wonder (aka Sweet Jesus)
  • Little Bit of Sunshine
  • God’s Loving Mercy
  • Crossing Time
  • Compared to Calvary
  • Here I Am
  • Acres of Diamonds
  • Waitin’ On My Body To Be
  • When Is He Coming Again?
  • Just Look At Him Now