C.T. and Sharen speak for men’s and women’s retreats and conferences on Bible, missions, stewardship, soul-winning, and Christian Education; in youth camps, retreats, rallies, tents, pavilions, open air, and evangelistic events. Series include Sunday school promotion, training, and administration, radio fund raisers, building and operational debt reduction events, banquets, pie and coffee fund raisers, school, camp, or radio promotional concerts, and sharathons. C.T. is known for studies of obscure Bible characters, ditties, and humorous songs. Ask for current topics or series for conference, workshop, and seminar.</h1>


Both Sharen and C.T. have practical experience for advising and counseling leaders, including Church planting (founded two churches, involved in numerous other church plants), pastoral ministry (20+ years as Senior Pastor, plus assistant or staff in three churches), founding one and administering three Christian schools, home schooling three students, itinerant and local music ministry, Bible college faculty and public relations, writing, editing, and publishing, fund raising for radio stations, church debt reduction; Sunday school contests, curriculum, training, and administration.


Personal coaching about life, conflict, crisis, leadership and administrator choices have become a primary focus built upon four decades of ministry. Sharen does individual and group counseling, coaches women in ministry and others dealing with addictions, eating disorders, marriage, education, barrenness, child rearing, adoption, divorce, grieving and coping with life. Her degrees are in Bible, Music, and Christian Education, and a Master’s in Christian Counseling. Experience as an evangelist’s wife, sought after for spiritual guidance, living in travel trailers, home schooling, and performing daily in concert provides a unique perspective. She founded and led Hourglass School of Music with more than 40 students, recitals, children’s musicals, and annual Ladies’ Extravaganzas. C.T. coaches pastors, Church planters, evangelists, missionaries and men.