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Glad you dropped by! Please take a moment to pray for us. We long to be effective in winning souls to Christ, and helping churches.

Hourglass Ministries is the public face of the ministries of C.T. and Sharen Spear, who met as Bible college students, and spent their first hour together in a practice studio in the old music building. C.T. was taking voice training, and was scheduled to sing in a recital. For a pianist, he recruited the girl from Minnesota with dark brown eyes. Back then, she refused to sing, believing her voice was inferior. Before graduation, she soloed in a production of the Messiah with the college Chorale and the Omaha Symphony Orchestra. Although music turned out to be a key component of their ministry, they soon were involved in starting new churches, evangelistic campaigns, and other ministry pursuits. Now, decades later, they have conducted meetings (many a week long, some as long as two weeks) in more than 800 churches, 95 schools, 66 weeks of camp, over a dozen tent meetings, and a dozen prisons, besides many one night rally-concerts, banquets, and men’s, ladies, or youth meetings in 42 states and two provinces. Along with their family, they traveled as Hourglass Singers and produced six professional recording projects.

C.T. served as pastor to two established churches, a new church, and church crisis work for 20 years. Another 25 years have been given to evangelistic work, and missions, including more than five years in prison chaplaincy and evangelism.

The influence of local church evangelists in America has been largely curtailed since many no longer host revival campaigns due to the impact of entertainment, sports, and internet use on families. Many Christians cannot recall the last time their church hosted a sustained evangelistic effort. Indeed, younger Christians think of evangelists only in terms of nationally known television personalities. Still, the emphasis of an evangelist’s ministry is sorely needed.

We welcome your inquiries and urge you to explore how God still uses our work.